Occupational Therapy

Enhancing Daily Living Skills and Independence

At Tennessee Spine, we understand that living with physical or cognitive limitations can be challenging. That's why we offer occupational therapy services to help you improve your daily living skills and enhance your independence. Serving Sevierville, TN, and the surrounding areas, our dedicated team of professionals is here to provide personalized care and support every step of the way.


What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is a specialized healthcare profession focused on helping individuals regain the ability to perform daily activities and improve their overall quality of life. Occupational therapists work with patients to develop customized interventions, addressing functional limitations caused by injuries, illnesses, or disabilities.

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How Occupational Therapy Can Help

Occupational therapy at Tennessee Spine can benefit individuals facing a variety of challenges, including:

  • Recovering from injuries or surgery
  • Managing chronic conditions
  • Adapting to cognitive or physical disabilities
  • Improving sensory processing and motor skills
  • Enhancing daily living skills and self-care abilities

Our Occupational Therapy Services

Our occupational therapists at Tennessee Spine offer a range of services tailored to your unique needs, including:

Functional Assessments

We conduct comprehensive assessments to determine your functional abilities and limitations. This information helps us develop a personalized occupational therapy plan to address your specific needs and goals.

Adaptive Equipment Recommendations

Our occupational therapists can recommend adaptive equipment and assistive devices that can help you perform daily tasks more independently and efficiently. These tools may include specialized utensils, dressing aids, or mobility devices.

Home and Worksite Evaluations

We can evaluate your home and workplace to identify potential barriers and provide recommendations for modifications that can improve your safety, accessibility, and independence.

Therapeutic Activities and Exercises

Our occupational therapists will guide you through therapeutic activities and exercises designed to improve your strength, flexibility, coordination, and daily living skills.

Experience the Benefits of Occupational Therapy at Tennessee Spine

Don't let physical or cognitive challenges hold you back – reach out to Tennessee Spine in Sevierville, TN, to discover how our personalized occupational therapy services can help you improve your daily living skills and enhance your independence.

To schedule an appointment or consultation, please call us at (865) 286-5421. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process. Take the first step towards a more independent and fulfilling life with occupational therapy at Tennessee Spine.