Why Tenn Spine

At Tennessee Spine we are committed to excellence.  We want our patients to have an opportunity to be the healthiest individuals they can be by providing them with a facility and an active care approach to health that harbors success.   Every patient will experience an office that is equipped with the newest and most technologically advanced equipment and modern chiropractic techniques, making sure that no component of a patients health is neglected.

As a new patient we offer a nutrition consult as well you will be treated by our staffed massage therapist on every visit to address the soft tissue issues that are common with most chiropractic patients.  Lastly every patient at TN Spine will receive care with all our up to date techniques and therapies such as muscle stimulation, ultrasound, cold laser, myofacial release and PT.  We hold ourselves to a higher standard to ensure that our patients have all aspects of their individual health met 100% of the time.

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